Level 2 award in infection prevention and control for special procedures



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Course Description

The content contained in this course is designed in a way so that you can create an account for the studio or as a single person and purchase it for repeated use for a whole year and then when ready each person can purchase and take the exam.

This qualification is for Special Procedures Practitioners either employed, self-employed or as practitioners managing a business. It is a valuable free standing qualification that is also suitable for apprentices and trainee practitioners engaged in other relevant vocational training and employment.

The objective of the RSPH Level 2 Award in Infection Prevention and Control is to cover the principles of infection control through application of the ‘chain of infection’ and the ‘standard infection control precautions’.

The purpose of this qualification is for learners to obtain a knowledge and understanding of; the importance of infection control and prevention, associated infectious and non-infectious hazards, good infection practice and controls based upon an awareness of the chain of infection and standard infection control precautions.

This qualification is needed to apply for a special procedures license in Wales. You can find more information at the RSPH Website here.

This qualification is regulated by Ofqual and Qualification Wales.

Key points :