We aim to inspire curiosity through our passion for education, knowledge and the pursuit of innovation within the body art industries.


At Cognition Body Art Education, we believe that all professionals across our industry – from piercers and tattooists, to hairdressers, beauty therapists and more – should have training and educational tools that have been created specially for them. Designed and curated by a team of experts across all fields, our tailormade online and in-person courses, seminars and tutorials are the answer to your training needs, taking into account the individual requirements, skills and accreditations that are relevant to each body art profession.

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About Olly

Since starting his piercing career, Olly has been influenced by far more people within the body art industries than could be mentioned here. But his real thirst for knowledge started when he discovered the APP (Association of Professional Piercers) and, later, the UKAPP organisations, which both offer the chance for piercers to connect, attend conferences and take in-person seminars provided by industry peers. Olly would eventually go on to teach at the UKAPP-arranged events, allowing him to impart his knowledge and to meet other incredible piercers from around the world. This, coupled with his frustration over the lack of industry specific training available online, is what inspired him to establish Cognition in 2021 and improve the education available within the body art industry as a whole.