At Cognition, we strive to provide you and your business with industry-specific, quality education and training.

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At Cognition Training, we believe that all professionals across our industry – from piercers and tattooists, to hairdressers, beauty therapists and more – should have training and educational tools that have been created specially for them. Designed and curated by a team of experts across all fields, our tailormade online and in-person courses, seminars and tutorials are the answer to your training needs, taking into account the individual requirements, skills and accreditations that are relevant to each body art profession.

What Our Students SAY...

I really, really enjoyed Olly’s bevel theory class in particular – really informative! We actually got to have a play around with blades; I learn through doing so that helped a ton!
I had such a ‘click’ moment in your class and since I’ve been back at work everything is coming out beautifully. Thank you, Olly.
I took your bevel theory class at conference, and I’ve started using blades in some piercings. Your class has been a huge help – I can’t believe how much it all makes sense.
I did my blood-borne virus training last night. I thought it was pitched well and the questions well balanced and thought out!